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Vi motsätter oss all form av diskriminering på grund av kön, könsidentitet, sexuell läggning, etnicitet och trosuppfattning

Kvinnojouren in Karlskrona: 0455-18803


You can call us monday-friday between 8-17.

We are an organization that helps women who are physically or mentally abused, or threatened.


We have no political and religious ties.

With us, you can be anonymous. We observe professional secrecy. And we are NOT a government agency.


All support persons in our group are women.


Tell someone:

Don't be afraid to tell someone you trust. You are not alone in being abused.

Remember that the abuser is always the one at fault. Every blow is about power and control.


If the abuse recently began in your relationship, tell your partner that you will NOT accept further abuse. Also tell your partner's. family that you have been abused and that you will not accept this kind of behavior. Try to get the family to talk to your partner to prevent further abuse.


What does the law say?

In Sweden, it is forbidden to hit anyone. A man may not hit (abuse) his wife. If he does, it is a crime. The law Lakes abuse of a wife or girlfriend very seriously, and abuse can lead to several years of imprisonment.


In Sweden, women have the same legal rights as men - the same rights to make decisions, both for themselves and their family, as well as equal rights to their family's money.


If you are abused, you can always file a complaint with the police.


If you have to leave your home:

Make sure that you and your children will be safe. Do not leave your children unless you are forced to flee for your life and have no other choice.


Take these things with you:

Keys to your home, medical card (patientbricka) if you have one, passport, documents from the social insurance office (Försäkringskassan), drivers license, documents from the immigration board (Migrationsverket). And for your children too.

Any bankbooks and credit cards, medicines, and your children's baby bottles, diapers, clothing and favorite toys. Try to have everything packed in advance.


If you are injured:

If you are injured, go to the hospital.

It is important that you see a doctor without your partner being present. Tell the doctor what has happened and make sure that your injuries are documented.


This is what the women's assistance group kvinnojouren can help you with:

We can provide you with a temporary, safe place to stay.

You will have your own contact woman, and receive advice and support in planning your future.


If you like, the group can also help with counseling after you have moved to your own home. We can also help you to prepare a safety plan for you and your children's future


You can call us between monday-friday 8-17 at 0455-188 03


Telefon: 0455-188 03


Skepparegatan 18B

371 30 Karlskrona

Viktiga kontakter:

Polisen : 112

Kvinnofridslinjen tel: 020-50 50 50


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